Monday, November 3, 2008

We interrupt this blog...

Tip me over Tea Towels, originally uploaded by spinster sister.

I guess I took a little break from blogging, so my apologies to my two readers. I think it was all the Halloween that did it. I usually start those costumes much earlier but some people have a habit of oh, waiting till the last minute to decide on their costume. Others just like to change their mind a few times. I don't even have proof of all the costumes because in my semi-dazed stupor I accidentally deleted all the pictures. We'll be having a reenactment of Halloween very soon.... you know, like at a wedding where you pretend to cut the cake for the photo op.
In my spare time I've been working on a few gifts. Tea towels for my mother-in-law for Christmas. I found this vintage pattern on the Hoop Love Flickr group, an amazing group of free vintage patterns.
I'm loving the happy teapot and the creamer and sugar bowl are obviously involved in some sort of dispute. Next up are the dancing spoon and fork. All the happy towel guys will be wrapped up with a nice new teapot that I hope she'll like.


frankenpug said...

I love those little teapot transfers! I made some tea towels in that design last year:)

Mistee said...

Those characters are too cute. I can see why you haven't had the computer on with all that activity. Hope you all enjoyed Halloween. Can't wait to see the pics of what you created.