Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Random Craftiness

Can you guess what the Monkey Man is going to be for Halloween? I bet you can! Here's the sneak peek with the full reveal not far behind. We're running out of time before the annual extravaganza. Only three more costumes to go after this one, wish me luck.
Yards and yard of wool from the nicest lady who was trimming down her stash on Craig's List.
These were all estate sale purchases and she wanted to give them to someone who would put them to good use. Ooo! Over here! This isn't even all of it, there is still a ton more to wash.
She was so happy to hear that I was teaching my daughter to sew and passing on those skills to the next generation. I love meeting people like her, who talk to you forever about their lives and how things used to be.
Another addition to the stash, this time a request from a favorite teacher. More bibs for the twins who have apparently already outgrown all the infant bibs I'd made and are moving on to the real deal. Bibs for wiping off all that mushed up, smeared on, used as hair gel, baby food.
And finally a craft from an afterschool club I run with a friend. Some really fun Rainbow Spinner's made by twenty girls. This one took a while to dry. :)

We don't have a huge budget to work with so we try to recycle quite a bit. This time it was two old CD's. Each girl decorated one cd with fabric paint and gems. A little hot glue (done by the adults please) and some ribbon for a hanger and you have a really cool spinner to hang in your window.

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Mistee said...

Hope those costumes are coming along nicely.. love the sparkly things you have been making with those lucky young ladies.