Sunday, August 24, 2008

Birthdays R' Us

Another birthday gift, this time made for Miss Mimi. A very pink apron with a pink chenille pocket, and hiding inside were two stuffies a bunny and bear. The stuffies were free embroidery patterns from Wee Wonderfuls. There are some great freebies over there and while I do love free I also purchased the felt Gnome Pattern last year for Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, I don't have pics of those but they came out great! They were so much fun to make and were definitely a hit with the 7 to 10 year old crowd. Its going to be hard to top those gnomes!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Box Full of Fun

Morgan received her Sewing Kit from Sarah and Emily last week. We're so glad it arrived safely after a lovely vacation in customs. Morgan had been stalking the poor mailman everyday waiting for her kit. Sarah and Emily, you were too kind! Everything was just beautiful and completely color coordinated. Morgan received lots of polka dot fabric, tons of ribbon, yarn, buttons, the coolest scissors ever as well as, a make your own magnet kit made by sweet Emily.
Thank you both for your kindness! I know Morgan already has some ideas in the works for this kit!

Our First Swap

We've just participated in the Children's Sewing Kit Swap hosted by Melissa. This was our first swap and it was a great experience! Melissa has such a great blog (so many fun ideas!) and did a wonderful job organizing everything! This is the kit that Morgan and I put together for our swap partners Sarah and her daughter Emily. The cool pincushion in the corner was made almost entirely by Morgan with a little help from me. She did a great job! Since I can't figure out how to make two photos go where I want them you can find Morgan's kit from Emily on the next post.....arghhh. Any advice is appreciated....please?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mmmmm ....lunch

I've been making lots of birthday gifts for some of my favorite littles. In my usual style most were made at the absolute last second.....yep, thats me, the day before the party. For our friend Riley who was turning four, a smorgasbord of felt food and an apron to cook it in. Now I did make all the food, but at the last minute had to purchase an apron. Shocking that I couldn't squeeze in that apron too! Lucky for me there is a small craft store in town whose owner make children's aprons and sells them for a crazy low price! I love that store. Little Riley is currently up to her elbows in pizza, ravioli, a mystery meat sandwich with all the fixings, bowtie pasta ( I know, a little heavy on the carbs!) an ice cream cone, orange slices and various other goodies. I still owe her a blue cotton candy. Its coming Riley! Hold on!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Give and Take

Alright, I admit I've been lurking around these parts for some time now and been completely inspired by so much of the creativity going on around here. Its about time for a little more give and take from me so, here I am. I'm not only de-lurking myself but committing (I think) to posting some of my projects here, hoping to complete some and begin others. Anyway...... here I am .......let's see what happens......