Monday, November 24, 2008

Mail from Australia

Red and Aqua Swap, originally uploaded by spinster sister.

My Red and Aqua Swap package arrived all the way from Tracey in Australia. I want to say right now that, yes, I was ridiculously excited by what I received. Tracey did such a great job with all the little projects she made. Her tiny little stitches are amazing. Sorry about the slightly blurry photo but the winter light is not making it easy. I've already starting sketching some new ideas in the cute sketchbook holder and the little house magnet is making its way to the refrigerator once I clear off a two inch spot. The kids have been making and hanging tons of art these days. I know its probably hard to see in the cruddy pic but Tracey also sent some kangaroo and airplane confetti, tags, embroidery thread and make sure you check out the close ups of a couple other projects below. Thank you so much Tracey, I love it all!


Katherine said...

You really got some great stuff!!
Thanks for sharing :0)

Mistee said...

I did warn you that I am not currently doing useful stuff. Glad you liked the selection - it really is a fantastic project book.