Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Handmade Goodness

Well, in addition to wandering off from the blog for a while, looks like I've neglected to post the swaps I've sent and received. Grab your coffee and get comfy...this could be a long one.

While we were out wandering the country, the Birds of Change Exchange flew into town. I love this idea for a swap organized by Creative Kismet. So perfect for this time of year. At least around these parts we could certainly use a little bit of spring and a lot less snow. Even if those bits of spring happen to arrive in my mailbox, I'll take it. Look at all the sweet little birds that have already found spots to nest in their new home. Good stuff!

Speaking of good stuff, I recieved my super cute little mini quilt in a bag swap from Heather.
Heather and I exchanged bags of fabric months ago and made each other quilt from them. Seems like this swap went on forever ( it had an extended due date because of the holidays) but it was worth the wait. Believe it or not this was Heather's first quilt and I think she did a great job! I know its hard to see in this pic but it really is adorable and already hanging on my wall. Thanks Heather!
Now, I know you've already seen bits of this one, but this is the final shot of the mini I made for Heather. This one was really fun to make and was inspired by some vintage dress patterns and the graphic on the box my new (vintage look) phone came in.

Inspiration really is everywhere. You just have to be willing to see it. :)

And finally for today anyway, here is a sweet paper pieced log cabin I received from Suzee for the February Swap Till You Drop group.
...oh and a sneaky peek at the paper pieced mini I sent to Suzee, winging its way to her as I type.
So tell me, what's inspiring you today?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Seems I've Wandered Off

Alright, so who's tired of looking at that flickr mosaic? Seems I've wandered off in the last few weeks and abandoned this little space. The kids have been home on winter break, Valentine crafting has been finished, a trip to Virginia to visit some of our favorite people(who let all six of us stay in their brand new beautiful home. Thank you Neenee!) and lots of other good stuff in between has all left me without much time to spare.

Unfortunately, all that laundry from Virginia had to come before blogging (people need their clothes you know). We're nearing the end of the mountain of clothes, the family car is finally cleaned out, groceries were bought and school starts up again tomorrow. Almost back to what we call normal in this house.

Ooo! I almost forgot, on the way home we made our first ever trip to IKEA. The kids got bored fairly quickly and went to the playplace for a bit (not something we usually do) and while I was a little worried....they were a little disappointed to see me come to sign them out! Woohoo IKEA!
Great design, low prices and super cool playplace for the kids!

Also, if your wondering why there are no pics of our fun trip, the IKEA haul or my friend's pretty new house....yea, about that....I had the camera with me (new batteries too) and never touched it the entire time. Duh. So sorry...I'll be back tomorrow with an actual picture filled post full of crafty goodness from the "Wandering Days".

Monday, February 2, 2009

Feel the Flickr Love

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The temperature has risen above 15 degrees (at least for a moment). The calendar says its almost Valentine's Day and most definitely Groundhog Day. Spring is in the air, feel the warmth of some Flickr love. :)