Thursday, November 20, 2008

Australia or Bust!

Red and Aqua Swap, originally uploaded by spinster sister.

Tracey received her package for the Red and Aqua Swap so I can finally post what I've been busy working on. Of course, a big woohoo! goes out to the US Postal Service for shipping in what must be near record time. I think it took longer to ship to Canada!
This package was really fun to put together. The shiny thing in the center is a pack of tiny vintage Christmas ornaments found at my favorite shop along with the vintage handkerchief that I embroidered. The notebook holder is from a pattern by JCHandmade with an embroidery design by moi. I'm lovin' the hexagons these days. Two tea towels are embellished with doily type things from yup, you guessed it, my favorite store. That tiny little necklace is a handstitched patchwork pendant with a linen backing and vintage button. I liked it so much, I made myself a twin. A little Chai spice tea, chocolate bar with dried cherries, a magazine to read and an amazing smelling candle wrapped up the swap. Hope you enjoy everything Tracey!

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Katherine said...

Cute! I just love NEST. Thanks for sharing :0)