Friday, November 14, 2008

A Little Bit of This

Aqua and Red Swap, originally uploaded by spinster sister.

Just the tiniest bit of a couple of projects for the Red and Aqua Swap winging its way to Australia. Okay, its probably sitting in some bin in the post office but still its on its way Tracey! Cross your fingers and make a wish and maybe customs will be quick! I hope you like your surprises Tracey, its been so much fun making them for you! I'll post pics of the whole shebang once it makes across the world.

Oh, and some of our favorite people are picking up and moving into their shiny new mansion today. A house fit for the Queen in all of them! We love you Neenee and hope you'll make it through the moving mania! I'll be making tiaras for everyone, except you Mr. Bones. Happy new house!


Karen said...

Just popping over to say hi Jill - thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments :)

This looks very nice - aqua and red just hapens to be my fave colour combo at the moment. I bet the recipient will be so thrilled to get this!

Karen xx

Mistee said...

Red and Aqua has landed in OZ thanks so much for your generosity.
Regards Tracey