Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spare Change Anyone?

Don't be nervous, I'm not asking for money. :)
This is the pieced top made with the 5inch squares I received from the Spare Change Swap. Yes those are the very orange legs over there of one of my lovely assistants. They were the only two tall enough to hold that thing up so I could get some kind of picture of it. They were of course more than happy to help out . Yep, hardly any arguing at all.

I must have drawn twenty different designs for this one to make sure it would show off all that really cool fabric I received. I finally settled on this altered disappearing nine patch. Honestly, after the top was pieced and the red border was on I was not in love. Its funny what adding just a little more to a project can do. One eight inch white border later and LOVE.

I think this one might be the perfect little back of the couch snuggle quilt for the coldest room in the house. Clyde the dog has already tested for size and seemed happy, until I found him. It is all about Clyde you know.


Molly said...

That turned out very nice!
I'm not a quilter (there's math involved!) but I LOVE quilts. And I don't think I've ever seen a pattern like that before. Very nice indeed.

The look on Clyde's faced cracked me up!

Sara said...

Clyde is too cute! I like your quilt top - neat pattern and colors!

Bek said...

I really like this. Like the different fabrics and the triangles are cool.