Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In the works

A couple of sneaky peeks at works in progress. The theme for Swap Till You Drop this month is "read it, sing it or watch it". Yep, sounds simple doesn't it. Right up to the part where you start obsessing over how your partner could possibly make a quilt based on oh say, To Kill a Mockingbird or any of the other titles on the bookshelf. Hmmm...that's the part where it all goes plunk.
Lucky for me, my partner had just as much trouble coming up with a working title but we both narrowed it down to three or four choices. Number 1 on Sara's list was Patsy Cline's "Crazy". I know you know it, sing it with me....Crazy...crazy for feelin' so lonelyyyyy.....woohoo,
1950's, high heels, red lipstick, twirly dresses and a little country. What else could I ask for?
I pulled out all the vintage stops for this one, some old lace, pearl buttons, Patsy Cline's lyrics, and finally thanks to Starbuck's for their excellent coffee dyeing to make that little quilt so happy.

Next in my long line of projects is the Mini Quilt in a Bag Swap for Heather. Heather sent all this beautiful Katie Jump Rope fabric for me to work with along with some fun trims. After checking out Heather's site and her Flickr its pretty clear she loves a good twirly apron. She's participated in a bunch of apron swaps and her work is great!

I didn't think Heather would mind if I went a little retro with the theme for this one, so I used a vintage pattern for inspiration and added a little more twirl. I love the way this one is coming out and could so see it hanging on my own wall....I think I'll start on a twin for myself when the project pile clears out a bit. The swap deadline for this one is coming up fast so the full reveal on this one in the very near future! :)


Christy A. said...

Aha! A lot of crafty brilliance going on! I love what I'm seeing. :)

gardenymph said...

Hi Jill! Thanks so much for leaving a kind comment on my blog today. I absolutely love the quilts that you are working on. That dress that you are sewing on is so fun and creative. Love it!

Bek said...

There are so many great fabrics in this piece. Looks great!

frankenpug said...

OMG! It looks amazing and I can only see a little of it! Watch for a sneak peak of your own fun fabric stash turned into a mini quilt next week:)

Sara said...

Oh, oh, oh!!! That's mine, isn't it? I thought I was over my snoping problem! I recalled reading your blog and saw the picture of your lovely pup but I never thougth to scroll down to see what else you've been up to.
Actually, I was taking a look to see what ideas I could get to include as 'extra goodies' w/ the mini quilt.