Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Parts is parts

Parts is parts, originally uploaded by spinster sister.

The beginnings of the Birds of Change Exchange. Some linen, a little embroidery, happy fabric, bits of vintage lace, a little wire and my favorite ribbon combine to make a very happy flock of birds. Five of those little guys will fly off to be part of the exchange very soon but one lucky bird could be yours! Don't forget there will be a birdy giveaway right here January 20th. Check back to enter! :)


Christy A. said...

It's exciting to see creativity taking shape! Happy bird making! :)

Mistea said...

Those birds are looking good already love the colours and the combinations. Do you have an endless supply of linen? I love the way it pops up in all your projects.

My Big Mouth said...

Can't wait to see the finished peice!

Bek said...

This looks intriguing! I like the colours in your fabrics too. Looking forward to seeing the birdy.

djStoreRooom said...

Hello Angela,

I am from your new Sew Craft Blog Group 4. Just finished adding everyone to my blog!! Happy blogging!


djStoreRooom said...

I mean Jill!! Not angela.. Hhaha.. Saw your name wrongly, as there was an error on my blog. Now tryin to get it right! Apologies dear!! Will be back on the 20th!! Cya!!