Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Another spectacular family portrait. This is the hike on which G thought it would be fun to jog up the 400 stone steps on the side of a waterfall. Some of us may have to start working out more if this camping/hiking thing is going to become a summer tradition. Also, I was at a disadvantage having to make sure Mr. Man and Mimi didn't dance themselves over the edge of the cliff. So really, its not just about the 400 steps and the wheezing, its a safety issue.
So here we are the last bits of summer. Only a few days left until school begins and we are cramming in every last bit of fun. Our second ever camping trip went surprisingly well. Hot dogs were roasted , marshmallows toasted, six people sleeping in one tent, 42 trips to the bathroom each day and none of the children fell into the fire pit. That's what I call a successful trip.
The photographer (ahem) may want to consider which way the wind is blowing the smoke in the future.

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