Friday, August 22, 2008

Mmmmm ....lunch

I've been making lots of birthday gifts for some of my favorite littles. In my usual style most were made at the absolute last second.....yep, thats me, the day before the party. For our friend Riley who was turning four, a smorgasbord of felt food and an apron to cook it in. Now I did make all the food, but at the last minute had to purchase an apron. Shocking that I couldn't squeeze in that apron too! Lucky for me there is a small craft store in town whose owner make children's aprons and sells them for a crazy low price! I love that store. Little Riley is currently up to her elbows in pizza, ravioli, a mystery meat sandwich with all the fixings, bowtie pasta ( I know, a little heavy on the carbs!) an ice cream cone, orange slices and various other goodies. I still owe her a blue cotton candy. Its coming Riley! Hold on!


jillytacy said...

Wow! The felt food is great! Did you have patterns or whip it up yourself? Either way I'm impressed! What a great birthday gift!

melissa said...

these are awesome!
i have to ask the same question! did you use a pattern?
i was thinking of making breakfast food out of felt as well!